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Want to trade for a Civic ( hatch preferred but coupes are nice too ) or an integra. Just wanting to see whats out there and if anyone would like to trade.

1988 Toyota Supra
-Inline V-6 Non-turbo
-201,xxx miles on the chassis
-motor was rebuilt about 55,000 miles ago ( have receipts for it being done )
-new brakes
-new rotors
-new clutch
-new slave cyl.
-new caliper hardware and caliper rebuild
-has some kind of exhaust ( not a name brand but does have a nice sound )
-has a “tornado” intake on it ( lol I know but it was already on the car )
-stick is not the normal huge stick on the mk3 supras but im not sure that it is a true short shifter

-Pistons for the hood and the hatch are worn out. The hood will not stay up on its own but the hatch will from time to time.
-targa leaks from time to time, mostly on the drivers side at the a pillar but it doesn’t leak all the time.
-gas gage is broken ( only thing wrong is when you fill it up all the way it wont read full, it stops at about a little over the ¾ mark. )
-a previous owner put a tach from automatic on this supra. its not really bad but its just kind of annoying.
-dash needs work but I do have a cover for the dash that matches the interior.
-brake lights have a glitch
-brakes have a leak in it right now but planning on getting it fixed soon, unless you want to trade as is.
-stress cracks on front bumper and rear bumper looks a little low
-there was rust at one point on the rear quarter panels but there were fixed and painted over ( you can still see where if you are up close to the car )
-power locks wont lock on the drivers inside.
-power window on driver side cannot roll down the passenger side window.

Also comes with:
-hatch shade
-small can of white paint that was used to cover up the patches on the read quarter panels
-2 replacement hatch pistons
-extra side-view drivers mirror (needs paint)
-2 extra autozone shift knobs
-stock radio
-drivers side window control unit
-door lock switch
-fog lights with brackets (may need new brackets though)
-door speaker covers
-stock door speakers
-ignition coil
-2 window motors
-supra emblem
-extra set of rims with the lug nuts and key for the locking nuts( rims will need new tires since one blew on me)

Here are a few pics. I have more if you would like me to email them just send me a PM with your email. Also, like I said before, I'M JUST SEEING IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED. Thanks

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damn well if i have to put a price, then 3500 obo. But i am really wanting to trade

S&W 500 4" ported barrel :)
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lol actually, can i have someone close this? just got a call form my uncle and he said hes gonna trade me.
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