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Recommend a new laptop for me

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Since my nice new Mac got destroyed, I'm now looking into a replacement. My budget is $1500 before taxes, however I can go a tad over that if necessary.

I generally use my computer for internet applications, listening to/downloading music, photoshop, watching DVDs, and word processing/spreadsheets. I'm not a gamer at all, so a hardcore graphics card is not needed. However I do multi-task a whooole lot, usually I have at least 5-7 programs running at the same time.

I'd like something that runs pretty seamlessly, so a nice processor coupled with a good chunk of RAM (512 MB range) would be preferred. Since I have a lot of music and large photoshop files waiting to be transferred from my old windows laptop, a 60 GB harddrive is the minimum.

Browsing retailers' websites just aren't doing it as the selection is a bit small and I'm not too familiar with the newer computers these days and how they perform, i.e. which ones are the more top-end and which ones I should stay away from. So, if anyone has any recommendations for me I'd really appreciate it.

edit: I'm straying away from Toshiba at the moment because my first new computer from them wasn't very good. Within a couple days a bunch of things weren't working properly.
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Clutch said:
Wow... is shipping that fast even when you ask them to put on a whole bunch of extra stuff?

i guess it would depend on what your getting put on.
Tech support is awesome though. Ask for a translator. Just a word of warning if you ever have to get warranty work.
I've hated the toughbooks i've worked on, but it just seems like people tend to abuse them more so the break.

I'm working on getting an IBM X41, as I'm fascinated with tablets now.
Here is what you need!!
Find a very durable laptop.
Get a pentium centrino with 2M L2 cach for multitasking
Get the 512 to a gig of ram
get a dedicated vidio card< If you get integrated it will take your processor and memory from you motherboard and will take more battery power.
Get a small screen. 15" and smaller. You want to get the most out of your battery.
Try and find a laptop that will last you 3 to 4 hrs.
I recomend HP < this if you are going with a PC and not a mac. Try and get one with a remote controler!! It is the coolest.
Hope that helps
Just get another Powerbook. It does what you want, has all the cutsey geegaws, and it's $1500. On top of that, the HD in your smashed one is probably still good, so you could swap the drives and literally have your old machine back, plus a spare drive on the shelf in case yours takes a dump after the warranty expires.

A Dell in that price range is going to be a cheap piece of crap (plastic monitor hinges, cheap HDD, bad screen), and runs Windows, so you'll have to deal with Windows again.
Thinkpads are tanks, but you pay dearly for that durability.
SamARR said:
get a pc and wait for osx86 to come out

pcs are da debbbillllll
SamARR said:
get a pc and wait for osx86 to come out
I have OSX/x86 now. Any PC laptop he buys today that will be able to respectably run OSX next year when it actually ships is going to be WAY more than $1500. I'm running it on an IBM Thinkpad T42 with a gig of RAM and a 1.6GHz Pentium M, and it's slow as balls. The cheapy video cards that get stuck into $1500 PC laptops just can't cut it.
They make laptops with removable PCI-e video cards. Those will kick some ass.
Clutch said:
Chris, I checked Dell's website and browsed around a little bit. I guess I'm not familiar with the new processors because I thought 1.8GHz was slow nowadays? I know my Gateway laptop that is currently dying in a fire was 2.6 GHz with a Pentium 4.

Do you like your Dell? What do you use it for? How does it run?
The Centino stuff has lower numbers than comparable Pentium 4. You can search a comparison chart that will let you see the difference apples to apples. I just mine for grad school, surfing the net, video and picture editing. It tends to slow down when I'm editing RAW pics is Photoshop. I sure that would go away if I maxed out the ram.

If you do go the dell route, ship it to IN and you won't pay sales tax.
Dear Clutch,

Alienware Laptop :bigthumb:

Uhhh, I only read the original post (I'm uber lazy). I just bought a Gateway M320XL about a month ago and I love it, other than the nervous meltdown McAfee and Norton caused. :hs:
SubyGirl said:
other than the nervous meltdown McAfee and Norton caused. :hs:
Doesn't leave a good impression for some reason. :dunno:
Well I'm at CompUSA right now waiting on my laptop to get updated with all of the appropriate Windows Updates. Yup, Windows! I found a nice Hewlett Packard right in my price range that has a lot of great features. The Mac I wanted was just a little too pricey, so I'm doing the next best thing.. posting this from their iMac G5! it's actually pretty badass.

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone, I learned some more about the whole Centrino technology from the guys at CompUSA. They're getting to know me on a first name basis since this is the 3rd time I've been in here over a 1 1/2 week time period. hah.
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