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Recommend a good BMW mechanic

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I am looking for someone that is reputable with BMW's. For the guys that dont do their own work, who do you use? More specifically I am looking for some one to do the recommended preventative maintenance on my E46 M3 with 55k.

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I personally do work now out of my garage while finishing up school, no cutting corners here.

I don't get on here to often but if you or anybody needs BMW service or assistance you can easily get a hold of me threw my E-mail. Also check out OKIBMW on facebook.There are many helpful people on there also.

Zach K.
[email protected]
I've had a great experience from Mike Johns, Autobahn, Winning Formula. Mike Johns is a pretty good distance from me. Autobahn is closer and they worked on my E30. Winning Formula is the closest to me, but seem extremely busy!

Since all of my cars are way out of warranty, I refuse to go to the dealer for service. I do buy most of my parts from there though!

I have no problem having Christain work on any of my cars when I don't feel like turning the wrench myself.
As for Mike Johns, when Mike was there it was a great place now that he is gone not so much, and not because of the guys that work there. It has more to do with the new owners, u can't blame them but they want and every friggin dime they can get. I remember when Mike was there, u needed something small from a wrecked car out back he would say just go get it. He did this to build a relationship so when you needed something else you would return and if he had to order it you welcomed buying it from him. The new owners mentality is like if you don't buy someone else will and that's that. I understand this to a point they are ass hole deep in debt but so was Mike.
QFT!! :headbang:

Mike was like a "BMW" dad to me. :loco: Him and Larry would call me "The Scavenger" since I guess I was the only person ever interested in his old E28s. I really miss going over there and "negotiatin'" with them :(

ixer said:
I miss that connection and its almost pushed me away from brand altogether.

I work at Mike Johns Imports. I've been working on BMWs for about 12 years now (about 8 years professionally). The new owners (Brian and Dan) care about customer service and making sure the technicians are equipped to do the job with specialty tools and a top of the line Hunter alignment rack. They also send us (technicians) to technical training classes to keep us up to date with new technology. There are also some technicians at MJI that are experienced with the older BMWs too, such as myself. All of this comes at a reasonable labor rate of $85/hour. We'd love to service your BMWs. If you're shopping around for some quotes, give us a call at (812)284-3791.

Hey Guys,

What's the latest news as to a good BMW knowledgeable place?

Just when you think this site is dead...it brings you back!

Check out Zack at Zakspeed in Louisville. Also, Robert's Import has always been great....Bill is a great guy and will take care of you.
I recently discovered GermanTech Motorsports. A the brother-in-law of a guy I work with is one of the owners... His name if Jeff. He's been helping me with my '10 Mini Cooper Clubman. If you've never been there you should definitely check the place out. They specialize in BMW, Mercedes and Minis, but thats not all! When Jeff was giving me a tour of the shop I just happened to catch a quick look at a late model Viper setting off to the side on a lift. When I asked Jeff about it, he said the guy who owns it also owns a Porsche and a Ferrari that they have also worked on in the past and that the guy is a long time regular... And its a Viper, so of course they were gonna work on it. The guys at Germantech definitely know their way around Euros. Just casually drive buy and check out their parking lot. Going in I told Jeff that I was new in the Mini universe and needed all of the help I could get. He was very professional during the whole process. What sealed the deal for me is when we went through the list of things my car needed done... He insisted that if I could do any of the work myself that I should do it. Rather than trying to persuade me to give them my money he went out of his way to show me ways that I could save money. Yea, these guys are good... And their lobby is top notch! They keep it stocked with free Pepsi and Coke products, name brand potato chips, and all kinds of other snacks. As I was waiting for my car, Jeff asked me if I wanted anything from Mickey Ds (it was lunch time) and offered to pay for it himself. Amazon Prime Video and free WIFI is also available. Take a look at all of the reviews as well... All of them are 5 stars!!!
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How do we contact Christian, is he on the board?
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