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Earn money fast and easily!

Oxmoor Toyota will pay you for referrals. I've cleared a special 502 bird dog deal for members. We will pay $100 for one referral, $200 for two, and $300 for your third per month. You are not limited to three per month but you need three in a month to get the $300. The referrals must lead to a sale and any deal must go through myself for verification of the offer. There are a few ways you can give us a referral. 1) call me yourself, give me your info so I know where and who to send the money to. Then simply provide me with name and phone number of someone you know who is in the market. 2) Call me and set up an appointment to come in with your friend. or 3) Call me and let me know who you are and that you've given my contact info to someone to contact me at their leisure.

Also remember, some people are intimidated by the car shopping experience. You can alleviate that feeling in most people simply by assuring them that you know me, or by giving them some assurance from you that they will be treated fairly. Doing this helps you earn the pay. I still have to sell a car to get you paid, if people come in and already trust me, my job is a lot easier. If you have any questions or would like to make referrals I can be reached at:

James Himel
[email protected]
502-426-1200 ask for me.
502-727-4892 cell
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