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Interior cleaning

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What is the best method you all use/have used for cleaning interior panels and carpet? Wanting to scrub down the door panels which are a composite plastic, as well as the dash, console area, and give the carpet and floormats a good scrubbing. I've heard a dilution of woolite works well for carpet. Are there any cleaning materials I should stay away from that might discolor or stain the plastics/carpet?
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auto stores sell a vinyl and dash cleaner in a spray bottle. it works great.
Rug Dr. is like $35/24hrs. from Kroger. I'm a lazy fuck so the fact it works really well and it's fast is worth the money to me. Just soak any big stains in whatever carpet cleaner or I use diluted Woolite.
Woolite seemed to work pretty good on the tough spots, I got the rest out with the rug doctor. Washed all the plastics down with dawn and water, then applied Armor All once it dried. Interior is fresh now :D
Many people are now actively using all-purpose cleaning, protecting, conditioning products such as Fortador Leather Vinyl Trim, The Chemical Guys SPI220 and quite successfully. I myself recently found a blog Best car interior dressing | Interior dressing for auto detailing which tells about the best interior trim dressing and decided to try these techniques. With the help of protection products, I managed to remove scratches and prevent new ones from appearing, and I also now have the smell of a new car.
if you suck the water up with a shop vac an then let the car sit with the windows down on a sunny warm day it takes no time to dry at all thats how i do all of my cars
really good idea
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