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Hypertech is excited to announce the Max Energy Sport Power Programmer

A programmer that delivers maximum power for sport compacts from a trusted name! The Hypertech
Max Energy Sport is specifically designed for import vehicles and developed to extract every bit
of energy from those high-revving, low-displacement engines. Programmed for efficiency, the Max
Energy Sport delivers maximum MPGs at part throttle and outrageous power gains when running full
throttle. By optimizing every drop of fuel, the Sport delivers up to 10 more horsepower and 10 ft lbs
of additional torque.

HONDA 2006-2009 Civic Si 2.0L

Part Number:

Retail MAP: $449.99.


Hypertech Max Energy Sport Power Programmer Features:

* Designed specifically for tuning sport compact vehicles
* Delivers maximum power, quicker acceleration, smoother shifting and better driveability
* Increases MPGs at light throttle—increases power at open throttle
* Like getting a custom dyno tune—only this takes minutes and costs much less
* Helps your motor develop all the power and torque it’s capable of
* Perfect for vehicles already modified with performance intake and/or exhaust
* Includes a collection of the following functions (features vary by vehicle):
* Return to Stock: saves original factory tune—reinstalls in minutes
* Internet Updateable: includes USB cable and software for quick internet updates
* Power Tuning: optimizes tuning for regular and premium fuel
* Rev Limiter: adjusts maximum RPM and shift points
* Top Speed Limiter: adjusts top speed to match tire speed ratings
* Electronic Throttle Restriction: delivers immediate and maximum throttle response
* Read and Clear DTCs: reads and clears “check engine” and “service needed” messages
* V-TEC Controller: adjusts VTEC camshaft profile to customize power band (Honda/Acura only)
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