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I'll get more details up later. This is posted from my phone.

I just want something stock. Just throw out offers of cash of trades. $5000 very very very negotiable.

Mileage is around 113k on the cluster (EX cluster swapped in).
Should be right around 60k on swap (estimate can't quote me on it) and around 160k on chassis.

GSR trans with OEM LSD
Buddy Club Spec 3 cams w/ adjustable cam gears
Supertech flatfaced valves
DPR springs and retainers

Hytech header
Apexi WS2 catback (I love it.)
Skunk2 intake manifold
AEM intake (short ram I believe)
Hasport motor mounts
OBX radiator hoses
Koyo fullsize radiator

ACT street disc clutch
Exedy lightweight flywheel
p28 chipped w/ CROME (Mustang dyno tuned by Rick Williams)

EX gauge cluster (white, goes to 8500)
A'pexi rev meter
Autometer shift light (light only)
NRG Evo front seats (black)
CF dash overlay
Pioneer speakers
Kenwood headunit

I have another front lip. Unpainted so it'll match (lol).
CTR style rear lip
CTR style spoiler
Rota GT3s. Still in excellent condition. 16x7 with Yokohama tires. Excellent tires as well.
Buddy Club extended lug nuts
Fake CTR foglights (yellow)
Stanley sidemarkers
CF rear hatch

Zeal B2 full coilover
Ingall's front and rear camber kit
SRR purple rear lca's
JIC cf front strut bar
Driveshaft Shop stage 1 axles

Rust on rear driver's side quarter and top of hatch area on roof.
Dent on passenger side quarter panel
needs a MAP sensor
Burn oil. a lot.
Needs a steering rack (I think)
Does not run. no fucking clue.
don't have time to figure out what's wrong with it.
Just need something to drive.
CTR spoiler was ripped off.
No damage where the spoiler was. What happened was the spoiler is fiberglass and had fiberglass tabs attached with screws. The tabs were ripped off. Should be a fairly simple fix to repair the tabs.

Like I said throw out offers.
I'll get full specs and pics up later.

Those are the only one's I have right now. I can take some more if needed.

boosted family car ;)
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id trade yo umy 240sx do you have a clue why it wont start?

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id trade yo umy 240sx do you have a clue why it wont start?
Yeah well storytime:
Driving home from the woman's house. Decides to just sputter and die. Like cough and still running but eventually died. I hit the gas and it seems like it slowed down. I figured I was out of gas. OK no biggie. Go get some gas and put it in. Go to start it and it doesn't turn over. Sweet. What now?:jeffj:

Details on the 240? Very interested.

Are you looking for a DD or what?
That would work. Whatcha got?
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