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Who is Credit Dusters?

Credit Dusters is an integrity-driven consulting firm that specializes in working with your clients that cannot currently get financing due to credit issues. Our goal is to get your clients' credit cleaned up in a short period of time and send them back to you so that they can get the loan they want.

What can we do for you?
In the world of finance we have seen the credit guidelines steadily tighten over the last several months. Clients that used to have credit easily accessible to them are finding it more and more difficult to get the financing options they need. We are looking to be a strategic partner to you and your clients. Imagine in just a few short months the clients that you thought were unable to get approved for financing begin to stream in. What would that do for your sales volume?

How do we get the credit cleaned up?
First of all, we are NOT a Consumer Credit Counseling firm (CCS). Our service does not hinder the credit buying process in any way. We truly clean up the client's credit. We do not pay their bills for them.
We work under the premise that 75% of Americans have serious inadequacies on their credit report. We utilize the Fair Credit Reporting Act as well as several other Federal Laws that protect the consumer's rights. We put the burden of proof back on the credit bureaus to prove to us that the derogatory information on your client's credit is truly theirs. We work on several levels to dispute and validate ALL derogatory information and most of the time are extremely successful at having those items completely removed.
We also work extensively on educating the client on how to establish new lines of credit. We understand that without having lines of credit the credit scoring system will not give them the score they deserve.

How long is the process?
We work with your clients for a period of six months. However, we have seen the required results in a much shorter time period if the client is motivated and works with us.

How much does it cost?
We are here to help the client. We have made our service accessible to all that are serious about getting their credit cleaned up for life. We charge a $99 set up fee and then $99 a month for a six month period. We do not charge additional fees for the spouse if they are needed to qualify.

Talbott Manecke, Account Executive
Credit Dusters, LLC
Phone: 812.989.7418
Efax: 714.276.6975
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.creditdusters.com
We are a member of the Better Business Bureau

We currently have over 500 clients working with us, we are completely results driven, if they were not happy with us we would go out of business. we have REMOVED repo's, all sorts of collections, discharged bankruptcies, medical debt, late payments, the list goes on... we have had great results with several large companies in the local area such as Kia, First Liberty Financial, Buyowner.com, Klein Homes, Remax, etc...
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