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hey guys I have a set of warriors for sale. My friend is in a jam and I gotta help her out. The wheels are lighter than a 15X8 pro star or drag lite and they look better too. They fit any 5 X 4.5 bolt pattern mustang and they do not rub or stick out at all. Unsure of backspacing off hand. anyways any questions please call. These things cost $287/each if purchased new. Brand new Mickey Thompson ET streets size 275/50/15 available as well. i would ike $550 for wheels and tires both. will sell tires for $275. Wheels for $350 I am more looking into selling wheels and tires together or just rims only. I can always keep the tires, they were really hard for me to get rid of becuase of the national back order I just dont want to let them go lol. Call or email for info. Located in Columbus, Indiana 47203
Thanks 502,
Note: interested parties please email or call. only check PMs once a day but email throughout.
[email protected]
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