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No Personal Attacks
This includes blatantly negative comments to a SPECIFIC person on the board regarding race, religion, family, grossly disrespectful comments, etc. Shit talking is fine as long as it stays in Area51. Shit talking of any kind will not be tolerated in the Tech and Lifestyle forums, keep it in Area51. Threats of physical harm or violence against another member is an automatic ban. Length of ban is at the discretion of the Super Mod or Admin who bans you.

Closing Posts/Posting About Closed Threads
If a moderator closes a post, the thread starter will recieve an explanation as to why the thread was closed. No one should ever have to ask "why was my thread closed?" because the mod who closed it should've explained it before closing it. Threads asking "why was my post closed?" shall be removed and a PM shall be sent explaining why it was closed if a reason/explanation was not posted in the original thread. DO NOT post about or continue the topic of a closed thread.

Requesting a Thread to Be Closed
Lately we've been getting a lot of "well it's in Area51, anything goes! why was my post closed/moved?" Here's a solution: Anything DOES go in Area51 until it breaks the boundary of the No Personal Attacks rule. Shit talking is fine. A thread will not be closed because someone simply got punked out. A moral violation must occur to warrant closing/moving a thread. If a member would like a thread closed/moved, they may Report the Post to a moderator explaining their story and it will be considered.

Only one username is permitted per user. If you are banned, any subsequent username you make will be deleted. Evading an IP ban will be grounds for banning. If your IP has been banned, it has been banned for a reason. Use of open proxies without the consent of the adminstration will be considered a malicious activity and may be grounds for a new ban to be placed.

Only paying sponsors are permitted to sell goods and services to site users. Personal items may be sold, but businesses are not permitted. Users who only contribute to the board by posting items for sale will be considered solicitors. There is a difference between someone who is selling their old wheels, and someone who is selling engine parts from 10 different cars over the course of a month. This will be left up to the discretion of moderators.

If a user is caught doing illegal things (this includes excessive speeding, burn outs, donuts, reckless driving, careless driving, open containers, drugs, etc) they may be banned from this site permanently.

If you cheat a mod or admin out of money, you're going to get banned. If you do it to someone that we like a lot, we'll probably ban you too. If we don't know the person, but (s)he has a really good story and supporting evidence.. you'll probably get banned. Don't cheat people out of money, and we've got no problems.

We do not wish to have any pornography posted anywhere besides the NWS section. Material posted there which may be objectionable will be deleted, moved, removed, or edited.

No cursing in thread titles.
Threads containing foul language in the title may be edited or removed, depending on mood, tide, and sun spots.

User Accounts and Posting
Use of someone else's account with or without their consent is grounds for a 24 hour ban. Please use your own account.

Dealing with Serious Offenses
1) posted warning
2) email or PM explaining problem
3) 1 week ban
4) perma-ban

If an offense is serious enough, steps 2 and 3 may be skipped.

Non-serious offenses shall be dealt with only by posted warnings. If it's not too big of a deal, posted warnings shall be fine to handle the situation.

These rules are left up to the interpretations of site moderators, and as such, are subject to change at any time, without notice. 502streetscene.net's failure to enforce strict performance of any provision of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver.
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