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  1. Vehicles for Sale
    I've decided to sell my 1997 12v to get back into a mustang. The truck has 230k miles. Factory keyless entry, leather interior, original paint, no rust, very few very small dings. I always pick the rocks out of the tires before driving when needed. Always kept clean and well maintained...
  2. Off Topic
    I bought my house about three months ago and the garage was full of garbage that they left behind. Anyways I finally got around to cleaning it all out last week and pulled up the old nasty ass retro carpet they had on the floor. The garage floor is in great shape aside from this one spot...
  3. Vehicles for Sale
    1999 si for sale 180xxx miles ebp< good paint new coilovers,fnf lcas jmags (bronze) with good dunlop 101 tires interior is mint si interior...9 3/4 outta 10 drives shifts good...cruise ac ps new axels and power slot rotors and hawk pads nrg quick release dc sport header, tpr exhaust the only...
  4. Body Art
    No pics yet but I have been gauging up my scrotal piercing. I'm at 4 now and plan to go to a 00. Last night I finally got a reverse prince Albert. Sucks that I have to wait 4 weeks to fuck though.
  5. Showroom
    took the head off and found this. it explained a few things. lol
  6. Showroom
    Well, for those that were here 3 years ago, you may remember the car. It's has been down now since march of 05. It's starting to come back around. Car was repainted, along with the engine bay. Motor was built again to be even stronger, new turbo setup, wheel setup, suspension. Anyways...lots has...
1-6 of 6 Results