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  1. Car Audio
    So as far as I know, There will be no sound off next year at Carl Casper at all! Is this true?!
  2. Off Topic
  3. Mazda
    I get mad street cred and all da JDM honeyz wit mah R32 Skyrine, mang! Uploaded with ImageShack.us INB4 LOL WHY U PISS ON UR HEADLIGHTS?
  4. Off Topic
    I go to UofL right now but I think I'm going to transfer to IUS in the fall. Has anyone on here done that? Is transferring your credits easy and can you transfer them at all? Any other info would be nice. Thanks guys, I appreciate it.
  5. Off Topic
    I'm just saying... http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/35186159/ns/us_news-environment/
  6. Everything Else
    American Government, 12th Edition Looks brand new. No marks. Bought it new, used it for an online class for the semester. Hardly opened it. Not sure how much they're selling for in the JCC Bookstore $35 firm Trigonometry, Dugopoloski (Sp?) Annoted Teacher's Edition I'm 99% sure they'll still...
  7. Off Topic
    okay, so i'm currently in the MET program at Purdue. i just found out that they offer a PE option, which would give me a professional engineer title and certification. the courses are identical except for the following: the standard degree involves: calculus for technology I & II physics I & II...
  8. Vehicles for Sale
    As much as I love my Z, I am selling it in an effort to eliminate debt and get myself into a position to be able to buy a house. The car has 102k miles on it right now, and is going to be repaired from the timing belt pulley breaking this weekend before it is available. At the least this will...
1-9 of 9 Results