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  1. Introductions
    Hi i realize this is late, but apparently everyones sposed to do an intro. i drive a diesel truck. i like cars too. my diesel has one kill, a transam with blue wheels...i ride an 07 crf250r...i know cool story bro right? oh and diesels are slow.
  2. I SEENT IT!
    pulled on him bad in my slow ass 7400lb farm truck. bitch couldnt shift worth shit. first time we tried from a dig, i let him choose next round, 35 roll i took him by 3 truck lengths. i guess his female pleasure toys in the trunk weighed him down or something, it was pretty sad.....diesels are slow.
  3. On Topic
    This guy in Sheperdsville is claiming 630hp on a non-turbo engine. He thinks his car is the best and makes some strong claims. What do you think? Rice or not Rice? He won't explain his power and we also offered to pay for his dyno. He won't come out. On several threads he has claimed his car was...
1-4 of 6 Results