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    Saturday night I got a phone call from a good friend of mine. He tells me he was just on broadway and a Black S2000 with loud exhaust and Black/Silver wheels sitting past the fenders pulled up next to him, Guy asks for a light, he gives it too him, tells him the car looks nice and they take off...
  2. Vehicles for Sale
    First off, I will say this now... This car doesn't have to sell, but everything is for sale for the right offer. It was not my daily driver, it was a weekend play car. I wouldn't mind selling this to use towards a down payment on a home. The car IS paid off, so I wont tolerate low balling...
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    Jeez is it me or has these storms been really strong just popping up out of no where. I just had 2 lighting strikes that were about 500 feet away.... and the airport has been lit up with lighting strikes but I can give the UPS pilots credit because thier still flying.
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1-7 of 7 Results