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  1. Social
    Since we have been gettin kicked out of everywhere else, geuss we will try value city on preston tonight if we get kicked out we will probably try somehwere on riverrd or a parking garage
  2. Off Topic
    Without a beard, a man is no different than any woman or child. So let's grown 'em out for November. Rules are you have to clean shave on Oct 31st. Let's post our manly faces once a week to track progress. Grooming is allowed. We'll see who has the best beard by November 30th.
  3. Off Topic
    So someone owes me $65 for reimbursement for property of mine that they stole, see my stolen engine hoist thread. The person in question came into a job where he made $150 today and immediately decided to go blow $60 of it on drugs and ignore me. So I'm tired of waiting for him to pay me like a...
  4. I SEENT IT!
    Pretty nuts! After the UofL game tonight there was traffic on 65 before it splits into 71 and 64. As we drove by I saw a late 90's eclipse flipped over, but no other cars were involved. I wonder how it happened. Anyone else see it? Hope the driver is okay!
1-4 of 4 Results