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  1. Off Topic
    Not a give or get rep thread, or a 'complain about my rep' thread. Simply a 'post rep number' thread. Curious to see what the average rep is! Valex) 2,147,483,647 points total I'm sure there are higher than me by a lot, so add to the list and i'll get a rolling average.
  2. Car Parts
    Ok, I had it sold, the guy gave me the money, and i gave him the title....Hes never came to get it, ive told him to come get it, and he hasnt. Its at my parents and they want it out of the driveway, so im parting it out.....No motor/tranny or wiring harness pretty much everything else is there...
  3. Off Topic
    No. I'm not joking. I was teaching my girlfriend how to drive stick, i was in the passenger seat. We were going to Blockbuster to return some movies, and grab another. The motorized shoulder belt things don't work, so we didn't have those fastened, just the lap belts. So, we got pulled over...
  4. Street Racing
    On an unknown stretch close to etown tonight... :D Had a guy in a white early 2000 model Impala with U.S. Army plates flash me down. After he caught up, we both shook heads and slowed down to a stop (It's nice having no traffic around). He asked me what car I had and told me his was an...
1-5 of 5 Results