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  1. I SEENT IT!
    Just wondering if you were on here, saw you around 1:30 am in clarksville lastnight.
  2. Street Racing
    I know I just made a thread with a few of these in it and some of them have been posted in the past but I figured I'd just make a thread I could add to as I acquire more videos. S14 SR20 on 14lbs. vs EP3. 40 roll on 8lbs. vs Integra. Dig on 14lbs. vs GTO. 40 roll 14 lbs...
  3. Buyer / Seller Feedback
    we agreed on a price for a 3 post integra motor mount and i paid him with-in 5mins of said price, around 30 mins later he told me it was shipped. That was about a week and a half ago. Considerin we probly live 3 hours away at most, the bracket shoulda been here the day after it was shipped. Now...
1-3 of 4 Results