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  1. Off Topic
    No this is not a repost, this is an update. Some of your remember this guy. http://youtu.be/80DbxSZ_FB8 Well, the judge decided (of course) that the law is unconstitutional, and it was dismissed. http://mywabashvalley.com/search-fulltext?nxd_id=209027 Now, you'd think it would end there...
  2. Off Topic
    Not a give or get rep thread, or a 'complain about my rep' thread. Simply a 'post rep number' thread. Curious to see what the average rep is! Valex) 2,147,483,647 points total I'm sure there are higher than me by a lot, so add to the list and i'll get a rolling average.
  3. Introductions
    Whats up guys. Im new to the 502SS. Right now I have a 2011 Speedway Blue Toyota X-Runner. Its stock other than a Short Shifter and hoping to eventually put a supercharger and lower it. I had a mk3 supra a few years back and miss it like hell. Ill get picks of the X posted up here soon!
1-3 of 3 Results