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  1. Health and Fitness
    I'm the only person on this forum that posts while he's in his surgery bed with an IV in his arm. Cobra bitch!!
  2. Vehicles for Sale
    1984 Supra MK II P type, 172,xxx, 5 spd. This car drives and runs great tranny has no grinds, has been garage kept for most of its life. Cold A/C, timing belt, water pump and driving belts were replace at 142,xxx mls. New battery, new front calipers, tires have about 75% tread. The interior...
  3. Everything Else
    Got my V1 a couple years ago, only used it a few times a year and need the money for school. In great condition, have all parts it came with and original box. Never failed me.
  4. Vehicles for Sale
    I bought this for my girlfriend last year to get her feet wet on riding. Mission accomplished, she's ready for something else, so I thought I'd throw it out for sale. 1977 Puch Maxi Deluxe. Details: $400. Big ole OBO. Trades certainly considered, but not like a non running car. Maybe some...
  5. Vehicles for Sale
    Time to start making room for something LSA powered :) 2004 CTS-V in Raven Black ~75k miles 6spd LS6 400hp/395tq Mods as follows: -K&N Intake - Short Shifter w/ UUC Bushings -SharpHID Fogs - Chauffe Performance tinted reverse and foglights -Creative Steel Poly Motor Mounts w/ Heat Shields...
  6. Vehicles for Sale
    Looking to trade for a nice daily driver. I have 3 small kids and the car is too small. Will look at imports only even clean automatics. I bought this car a little while ago and have put work into it to make it a reliable daily driver. The motor has a little over 1000 miles on it. Has the...
  7. Vehicles for Sale
    ok kinda wanna get rid of this fairly quick so im gonna sell cheap, i start a new job soon and i figure i need something awd or 4x4. may also trade for other hondas. 95 civic ex power everything sunroof clean black interior dc2 teg seats b+m short throw type r knob mugen knockoff front lip...
  8. I SEENT IT!
  9. Off Topic
    http://bgdailynews.com/articles/2011/09/29/news/news4.txt :loco:
  10. Off Topic
    Tax on animal fats is stupid. I can get on board with taxing the shit out of processed carbohydrates, soda, and other shit the stores have. Then use that money for health education and maybe subsidize vegetables, fruit, and lean proteins...
  11. Off Topic
    Not a give or get rep thread, or a 'complain about my rep' thread. Simply a 'post rep number' thread. Curious to see what the average rep is! Valex) 2,147,483,647 points total I'm sure there are higher than me by a lot, so add to the list and i'll get a rolling average.
  12. Off Topic
    You either know what I'm talking about or you don't. I have too much scar tissue built up that the physical therapists can't work it out to allow my knee to bend. They said I need to contact my surgeon about the quick procedure. Has anyone had to go through a manipulation before? Any helpful...
  13. Nissan
    It has been about 7 years since i bought my first 240SX Day 1 It took a while to learn about my car. I realized that a rolling project was impossible. so i picked up a slightly worn s13 project to bring back. It turned into a rusty parts car over time. to the right is the Parts car AKA...
1-17 of 17 Results