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  1. I SEENT IT!
    I saw a white van/SUV/crossover thing with a trailer. It had a Ducati with Michigan plates on it. Cannons Ln turning onto Lexington Rd
  2. Showroom
    IT'S ME !!! (: and i got hit. on the mother fucking gene snyder in the pouring down rain. what a start to a morning! btw my rear end cost $900 to fix not including a new bumper or to get painted. damage was behind the bumper. good thing it was their fault (: my bf is takin out the garbage...
  3. Street Racing
    I have six on my license. You get 12. Then you get suspended. Or worse, especially for racing. Guys, don't lose your ability to drive that sweet ass car you put so much effort into. I got busted for 26mph over racing some asshole last week. Now I have Traffic school. I was lucky to not lose...
  4. Volkswagen/Audi
    Please school me on them. What years made, what things to look for when purchasing, typical issues they have, which models are best to look for, engine options, brakes, suspension, swappable parts from other models, modability, cheap to own, etc. I don't really know much about them aside from...
1-6 of 11 Results