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  1. Showroom
    I got a few ideas for the lude. Doing a lil' future planning. Just asking if you all would give your opinion on the following options. Let the votes begin. Thanks -Mike Option #1- Full Mugen style body kit Option #2- "Big Mouth" style boty kit Option #3- OEM style lip kit Option #4-...
  2. I SEENT IT!
    So I was at subway in lyndon and I was parking. I saw a red type R badge and on a silver car. Knowing the ITR were not made in silver in spiked my curiosity. I went for a closer look and it was a ford contour with the type R badge slapped on it. And no only that but it had japanese writing on...
  3. Showroom
    Here are some more pics from a new spot i was introduced to by s2kbaLt aka ashley rodgers.... ps: i know i take a lot of pics of my car lol its called love lol
  4. On Topic
    Is it gone for good or under contruction? Just curious. Bored at work and trying to find something to talk about. Rep was activated a couple days ago and the numbers were rediculous. And when I say rediculous, I mean -60 million points. Hillarious!!! :loco:
  5. On Topic
    Just wanted to get some other peoples advice on these programs neptune rtp, hondata s300 or ectune pro amongst other programs for tuning and why. Like the pros and cons on each and wich program would be best for what or even wich one is better overall to use. Any tuners on here would be welcome...
  6. Social
    Just met up with Ekris, Remedy, DTSTI and boosted91awdtsi. We'd like to start a weekly meet for all members and anyone who would like to stop in from around the E-town area. Feel free to post any suggestions for a specific place, day and time. I'll go ahead and request Sunday evening.
  7. Car Parts
    Just like title says. Came with an RSX rim I purchased. Plenty of tread left. Price is 50 obo. Here's some pics I just took. As you can see the rim is pretty curbed up but theres no damage to the tire other than this screw thats in there LOL. I'll get that patched before it goes anywhere.
  8. Car Parts
    Honda Parts-- Updated with new pics of the H22. UPDATED WITH NEW PICS ON 6/13/09 I've got several parts that have been recently removed from my 1997 Honda Prelude base, or accumulating and taking up much needed space. We really need the money so these parts MUST SELL!!! H22A4 (2.2L...
1-9 of 10 Results