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  1. Honda
    I'm getting some money late March/early April, and I was wanting to buy a Civic or an Accord. My buddy told me that I could get a decent one for $1,800 (That's my budget). I'm not looking for a car to necessarily beat anybody in a race, I just want something that's cheap on insurance and won't...
  2. Car Parts
    All parts are from a 1997 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 5.0 OEM Rear tail lights $25 OEM Headunit (JBL unit) $20 OEM Amp for JBL Sub $30 OEM Control Unit (for JBL premium system) $30 OEM Tan Rear Step Pad $10 OEM Wheels with tires (50% tread) [wheels are chrome alloy, not the tear drops] $200...
1-2 of 2 Results