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  1. Street Racing
    I was out last weekend heard you were looking for me. Guess I was looking for you cause I didnt see you out. Afraid to get pulled? :loco: LOCK IT IN DUDE!! My shit is slow as pee water. I guess pee water is slow, so lock it in. :arr:
  2. Street Racing
    This race was supposed to happen over the weekend, but I could not make it down to the closed section of road in Mexico we were planning to run on. The other night we made the long drive to Mexico and raced on the closed road. I went into this race knowing that the outcome was not good for the...
  3. Street Racing
    I waited for like hours for someone to race and noone did. I finally went up and just started trying to get people to lock it in. A phone call later and we have a yellow c5 z06 pull up with some ccw's or something similar and some fucking la bamba blasting. I felt like I was in south miami or...
1-3 of 3 Results