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  1. Car Parts
    Its the old style comes with power chord, one controller, also has the original hd chord. It has hdmi output but no chord with it. The disc drive works most of the time but occasionally will not read the game. It eventually does read the game and works fine once the game is read. $100
  2. Vehicles for Sale
    I've decided to sell my 1997 12v to get back into a mustang. The truck has 230k miles. Factory keyless entry, leather interior, original paint, no rust, very few very small dings. I always pick the rocks out of the tires before driving when needed. Always kept clean and well maintained...
  3. Vehicles for Sale
    Link to full car report: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290624297131#vi-content Details Miles: 175522 Body: Sedan Model Year: 1994 Color: Ivory Quartz Tri-Coat Pearl Transmission: Automatic 4-Speed Make: Infiniti Engine: 4.5L V8 Model...
  4. On Topic
    Flat 4 - 2.0L 197HP / 150TQ 7,000 RPMs 2,667 lbs I just hope it looks as close to the concept as possible. If the price tag for one with a couple options is kept under $27k, this could be a home run. http://www.autoblog.com/2011/10/31/toyota-ft-86-scion-fr-s-specs-leaked-via-training-manual/
  5. Everything Else
    i have three 20 oz tanks and one 16 oz. all for $30
  6. Autocross
    Ask some of these people what time of day it is when they arrive at the event site.
  7. Showroom
    It was a little to overcast so I wasn't really happy with any of the pics but here is some that weren't to terrible. There's a couple pics with objects growing from the car but unfortunately my desktop died and my laptop doesn't have photoshop so these are uneditied. Sorry if they seem...
  8. On Topic
    Im in the middle of doing a timing belt on a accord, and I need to honda crank pulley tool. Anyone have one or know where I can get it at today? Looks like this..
  9. Showroom
    Did a photoshoot with Rainey's 996 Turbo and his buddy's 930 Turbo. Both cars look and sound amazing. Here are my five favorite shots of the set. I'll post more later when I have time to edit them (leaving for Halloween party now).
  10. I SEENT IT!
    I know I'm a month late (College work), and I'm not sure if anyone else has seen this magnificent looking luxury vehicle before but it was definitely a thrill to have seen it in person vs only hearing about them on tv or in songs haha. I was heading to Radcliff to get a haircut when I noticed a...
  11. Vehicles for Sale
    The time has finally come and the car is now back together and complete, but now i have run into a huge amount of debt that needs to be paid off due to school loans and hospital bills so the car has to go no questions asked. Car will come with recepits for the work that was done to it. *The...
  12. Showroom
    Just me and my friend driving around Salem. Got bored and took some pictures. So.. here is a few. You can say what you want i really dont give a shit what you think. My car is very dirty in all of these btw.
  13. I SEENT IT!
    im riding down preston and see a nice gunmetal mk4 supra and a beautiful silver 82gt mustang.
1-14 of 82 Results