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  1. Cool Coat Inc.
    i have a cast vr6 turbo manifold i would like coated balck, also a hotside for the turbo in black. how much would it be for these two items.
  2. Cool Coat Inc.
    I was contacted today by a guy from Ohio. He said that he had wrap on his turbo manifold and that it had cause the weld to break at the seams. Is this normal?
  3. Cool Coat Inc.
    I need a quote on two of these stainless tips in black. thanx.
  4. Cool Coat Inc.
    I have a buddy that has some hooker headers for 99 ls1 camaro that are starting to lose their coating, and he was wondering how much it would cost to recoat them?
  5. Cool Coat Inc.
    I have already got a number of people asking "do we do powder coating?" THe answer is Yes along with ceramic coating headers, turbos, manifolds, Ect. we do some custom powder coating. Thanks so much for asking. send us some business! !!!! sendem' to http://coolcoat.org . You guys...
  6. Cool Coat Inc.
    I would love to find someone who can help me with getting linked to sites that would improve my rankings on search! Any help? Also, does it help my rankings if people add me to their favorites? If so please do! There are a lot of people who don't even know we are here. They are...
  7. Cool Coat Inc.
    Welcome back Cool Coatings now under new ownership and as Cool Coat Inc.! Welcome to Joe the new owner. I am sure he is eager to get your business. Joe be sure to post up your all your contact info and more.
  8. Cool Coat Inc.
    Just dropping by to say hey! Cool Coat is alive and strong. Drop us an email or PM. Thanks so very much for all your support. Joe:cool:
1-8 of 8 Results