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  1. Buyer / Seller Feedback
    One bought my car, the other bought my turbo kit. These guys are absolutely awesome to deal with. Very friendly, knowledgeable, and straight forward. Its nice to sell something and make a new friend at the same time. hope everything goes well guys and great doin business with you. -Zach
  2. Off Topic
  3. Off Topic
    I'm looking to move from att to sprint for the unlimited data as my office moved to blankenbaker and I can't get radio reception so iheartradio is my only option (unless someone has another solution). I need to know if the sprint phone is noticeable slower on 3G like alot of these reports have...
  4. Off Topic
    Im getting my gf a dog, im having problems where to find them. I am wanting either a yorkie poo or a shorkie. anyone know of a breeder in louisville area or close to it?
  5. Off Topic
    just got back from a long weekend at the gap with a few friends of mine. We had a great time. I took my new (to me) rebel xti and shot some pics. I just got this camera and I have no idea what I'm doing with it, so don't be too harsh on the pics :) Stopped in London, ky for some breakfast. a...
  6. Health and Fitness
    No one posts in this forum lol. so i guess i will... i love to workout, im at the gym everyday. if anyone feels like comparing their routines let me know im always down to learn something new. :) im also new to these forums and will soon be posting in the welcoming forum :D
  7. Off Topic
    For anyone who's ever been an online netflix customer (I was for... a month) you'll like this. http://www.collegehumor.com/video/6622328/shtflix
  8. Showroom
    Quick shoot Honda S2000 by SamHunter, on Flickr Honda S2000 by SamHunter, on Flickr Honda S2000 by SamHunter, on Flickr Honda S2000 by SamHunter, on Flickr Honda S2000 by SamHunter, on Flickr Honda S2000 by SamHunter, on Flickr
  9. Sports & Recreation
    You know what I love about college football? NO LOCKOUTS, NO BULLSHIT, NO BITCHING. Just good football. It's about time it got here. So let's look at the Cats, Cards, and Hoosiers and see what the season looks like for them. Kentucky Wildcats 2010: 6-7 overall, 2-6 SEC, 1-3 vs. top 25 best...
  10. Showroom
    My 1997 integra Ls-almost done, going to be my DD. jdm b16a swap w/gsr cams,intake mani,headers. Stage 3 6puck clutch & 1500lb press. Plate. IMG_0248.PNG IMG_0238.PNG IMG_0247.PNG
  11. Entertainment
    WTF happened to it premiering this summer?! Just saw it's not supposed to be back on till Oct. (as originally planned)
  12. Showroom
    About a month ago I reserved a 2011 Si coupe in Polished Metal Metallic Sam Swope had coming in. Last Monday it finally came in. I also had the HFP suspension and sport muffler installed on delivery. Picked it up with 10 miles on it. Now has 450. I absolutely love the car to death. It rides so...
  13. Health and Fitness
    I started the 5/3/1 sometime last year but really got on it after I moved to Paducah and started lifting during lunch about October of last year. My thumbdrive is fubar and it had my log for the past year...but here is what I have in my paper book. Cycle 1 Week 1..1/10/11-1/17/11 Strict OHP...
  14. Showroom
    ive had this car a few months now and apart from doing a SHIT ton of work to get it back to a reliable DD plus some other bullshit... its a real 87 GT-S with meagan springs, trd header, obx exhaust, t3 weighted short shifter, tenzo r ricing seats, Jblood front bumper, factory lsd... you know...
  15. Off Topic
    Some people have expressed interest to me wanting to learn a little about wine. This is a field I am less in tune with than beer, but I still know quite a lot, enough to get you started and becoming well enough versed in finding a wine that suits you. Or at least educate you enough to looks...
  16. Body Art
    No pics yet but I have been gauging up my scrotal piercing. I'm at 4 now and plan to go to a 00. Last night I finally got a reverse prince Albert. Sucks that I have to wait 4 weeks to fuck though.
  17. Showroom
    im pretty new on here but into my 7th or 8th honda build in my lifetime so far... I'm in my first B series boosted car. I have done 3 D series boosted cars a few all motors. I am driving on this setup then I am going to build a block and head and get a gt42r next year most likely... I traded...
1-18 of 18 Results