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need some beetle advise.
I'm trying to help my uncle out with his 1971 super beetle convertible.
It was in really nice shape and had been restored about 10 years ago. He was looking to sell it and was seeing #'s of around 10,000 for similar examples.
at the beginning of spring it caught on fire in his driveway when he was starting
it and letting it run to keep the battery charged. I told him I would help him
try to get whatever the car was worth in that condition. The back engine cover
is burnt and the very rear of the top is melted. inside of the engine bay, everything plastic is melted. He says the engine had just been rebuilt recently.

I'm seeing that the convertibles bring around 10k but the normal beetles only
bring 5-6k. so i'm wondering what this car is worth in it's current condition?
would it be worth more to replace the top, engine cover, and the parts melted
in the engine bay, or could he get around 5k for the car seeing that it's a
convertible super beetle?

Thanks for all of your advise.
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